Why You May Never Succeed Until You Have Failed

Why You May Never Succeed Until You have Failed

Most people have a very wrong impression about failure. Failure is an event and not a person. You are not a failure until you say you are.

For instance, if you trip while working and fall, does that make you a fall?

An emphatic No… You just fell but you are not a fall.

So also it is with failure… You may have failed but you are definitely not a failure. You are worlds apart from being a failure.

You may have failed but you are definitely not a failure

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I have never seen a Successful person who has never failed but you can see many failures who have never failed… Is that surprising?

They are failures because they have never failed. Listen, without giving yourself an opportunity to fail, you can never become a success.

Whatever it is You doing, be intentional about it, decide to keep at it until you succeed. At the end, it shall be well, so if it’s not well yet, then it’s not the end… KEEP GOING.

Most times in life, we are bothered and controlled by the factors that makes for success, whilst neglecting some other pertinent ones. These factors could range from hard work to discipline to determination and the likes. But friends, do you know that failure can make you win?

Our conventional schools taught us that failure is bad and those who are referred to as “failures” are seen as unserious or unworthy.

Have you been in that shoe before? Sounds familiar? Okay. Failure isn’t good but it can make you win.

I’ll like to call my point of view here the fear of failure. Life has taught me personally that until you fail or faced with an impending danger, you may not be motivated enough to win. But the biggest challenge faced with mankind today is the fear of failure.

...until you fail or faced with an impending danger, you may not be motivated enough to win

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Take the pressure off yourself; give yourself the right to have some weaknesses and not to perform perfectly all the time. When something goes wrong or you make a mistake, don’t sit around guilty for long. Forgive yourself, pick yourself up and make the next move.

The truth is, the more you give yourself the opportunity to fail, the better your chances of succeeding.

I love the story Jesus told about the prodigal son. This young man failed in a lot of ways. He told his dad that he wanted his share of the inheritance. When the father gave the son his money, the boy left home, went out, and lived a wild life. Eventually, those poor choices caught up with him. When his money ran out, so did his friends. He didn’t have anything to eat, any place to stay, and he ended up working in a hog pen feeding the pigs. He got so desperate and low, he had to eat the pig food to stay alive.

...the more you give yourself the opportunity to fail, the better your chances of succeeding

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One day, siting in that filth and shame, he said to himself, “I will arise and go back to my father.” That was the best decision that he ever made. When you make mistakes, when you go through failures and disappointments, don’t sit around in self-pity. Don’t go month after month condemning yourself, rejecting yourself. The first step to victory is to get back up again.

The young man headed home, and I’m sure at the back of his mind, he thought, I’m just wasting my time. My father is never going to receive me back. He’s going to be so put out with me. I’ve made so many terrible choices. I can imagine that he tried talking himself out of it a couple of times along the way. No doubt, he told himself, “I’m such a failure. My father will never forgive me”

But when the father saw him a long way off, that tells me the father must have been looking for him. The father must have gotten up every morning and said to himself, “may be today will be the day my son comes back home.” Morning, noon, and night, the father was on the lookout. When he saw his son, he took off running towards him. He couldn’t wait to see him.

Similarly, you may have made foolish mistakes and suffered some severe setbacks but you can still make great things out of your life; the only thing is to have the right attitude. We cannot continue wallowing in the dirt and expect to have God’s best. You may not be where you should be in life but don’t sit around in self-pity.

Sure, it will take faith, because everything in you will say “you know what you have done. You know the mistakes you’ve made. Can you really win?

Tom Samson once said “you have no reason to justify failures”. This means nothing else or no excuse is tenable or can be used to support the fact that you failed.

You have no reason to justify Failure - Tom Samson

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Failing may evolve around you taking risks; but it’s okay to take such risks and sometimes fail; after all life itself is a risk. The issue with many people is they begin to think what people will feel if they fail. They are so concerned about people’s opinion of them that they lose focus and begin to see themselves in that light.

They say “what will people say? How will people see me? How do I get back up? What is the probability that if I try, I won’t fail again?

Have you noticed athletes in a marathon race? They start with so much agility, we take special cognizance of those with distinctive features. These ones run so fast at the beginning that one will be so sure of their victory. But towards the middle, they get tired and their speed begin to drift. In this process, the ones lagging behind before begin to pick up and they gain speed. While the latter see this reality, they try to gain up speed again so as to maintain their position and this leaves them totally exhausted and eventually, they lose out of the competition. This now turns the table around and the one who was seen as failing earlier turn out to be the emerging winner.

My friend, that’s life. It’s okay to start small, it’s okay to have challenges, and it’s okay even if it looks like its failing. One of my mentors says: “You can take everything from a man but do not test a man of vision for if he falls; his vision will bring him up again.”

You can take everything from a man but do not test a man of vision for if he falls; his vision will bring him up again

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It is rather appalling that most people have been stopped by fear than by their lack of ability or skill. Their low self-esteem or fear of failing makes them doubt if they would really be able to perform even if they are the best at something.

Inferiority complex and self-doubt is a major enemy. You may not do it well but try. You are far better than the one who is not trying; for if you fail, you gain experience, if you win, you enjoy success. Quit saying you’re not good enough or life is totally unfair to you. People sure will sympathize with you and you’ll get immediate gratification but how many are willing to help?

Why not start small, it’s okay not to get it right at first but don’t stoop. Greatness is on the next stair.

Today, look that fear in the face and decide to confront it by doing what you’ve always been scared of doing.

Get angry with mediocrity, tell poverty that enough is enough, break free from every hold of not enough. You deserve Success, you were born to be successful, fear is what is stopping you.

Your family is waiting on you, your world is waiting for you.

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You can win…

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