TBC Partnership – How to Partner with a Trusted Seller

This post became important for me to write because TBC Partnership has become the authentic way to do transactions in the TBC Community. So in a nutshell, the post will show you how to partner with any of the Trusted Sellers to do your transactions.

I'm also aware that you have some clarifications to seek as regards TBC, I wrote a TBC Frequently Asked Questions that may interest You as this detailed post answered most of the questions being asked right now in the TBC Community.

I'm assuming You have gained deeper insight as regards the purpose of TBC, so I can proceed to explain how you can find a TBC Trusted Seller to partner with.

Why the Need for a Trusted Seller?

This is a valid question.

Why should they even be anything like trusted seller? Shouldn't everybody that have invested in TBC be allowed to sell at anytime he/she so desires? Why the need for Partnership in TBC?


You know I've wondered myself that many of the laws we have in our society today will not even be needed if most human beings can be trusted to act in a sane manner.

For example, why do we need to have Law Enforcement guys on our roads before most people can obey simple traffic laws?

The truth is that TBC was designed to be decentralized, but there's something fundamental about the sustenance and success of TBC and that is, WE MUST HONOUR THE TBC AGREEMENT.

This agreement states that every investor is bound to only sell and buy TBC at the current price, we must never discount it in any way, shape or form because if discounting gains center-stage, then the entire TBC ecosystem will crumble. The strength of TBC is agreement.

The strength of TBC is Agreement

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But Alas, most people can't be trusted to obey simple laws except it's being enforced.

People kept on discounting the coins, they couldn't come to terms with their new found wealth in TBC, so like a kid in a candy shop, they started to do damage on TBC by discounting.

So the TBC Admin stepped up and centralized the system, so there can be a little control.

This gave birth to the idea of Partnerships and Trusted Sellers.

Who is a Trusted Seller?

Simply anybody who has paid the $10 Kringle Cash Fee and has agreed to honour the membership agreement of never discounting the coin.

With time, the Send Buttons of every Trusted Seller will be activated but for now they will have to partner to do transactions.

What is TBC Partnership?

It is the act of referring a prospective investor in TBC to a Trusted Seller whose Send Button has been activated, that way, the Seller with the Active Send Button makes the sale and gives You a commission, the TBC Admin recommends 50/50

How to Find A Trusted Seller to Partner with?

The truth is, there are so many people posing as Trusted Sellers who are really not trusted sellers yet, that is, their Send Buttons have not been activated yet. So you couldn't do transactions with them yet.

The below is the step by step way to find a Trusted Seller;

  1. Go to TBC Website and login, this is assuming you are already a registered member.
  2. When logged in, clicked on the "Trusted Seller" displayed as one of the header links.
  3. Type the Email or TBC Address of the supposed Trusted Seller in the field provided.
  4. Only people whose Email or TBC Address returns with "Active", "Valid" and "Trusted" should you partner with.

If that is not the case, then don't partner as the person will not be able to fulfill your order because their Send Button has not been turned on/activated.

Partner with WittyXchange, the TBC Global Partnership System to do your transactions.

The question would be, why should I partner with WittyXchange rather than just looking up a Trusted Seller to partner with?

Well, I just explained how to know if a supposed seller is a Trusted Seller and one of the things you need to confirm their authenticity is their Email or TBC Address.

The question is... How will You search for them to get their Email or TBC Address?

For a prospect wanting to invest in TBC, it can easily become hard work to start hunting for Trusted Sellers.

That's where WittyXchange comes in.

All You need to do is to register on WittyXchange by using the referral link of your sponsor and click on "Buy TBC", the system will automatically send your order to a Trusted Seller who will fulfill it, so you don't need to be on the look out for Trusted Sellers; just register, login and buy.

Why Should I Register on WittyXchange and Share my Referral Link?

I'll give You some advantages of using WittyXchange but I strongly recommend you find out how WittyXchange really works, so you can better appreciate its value;

  1. It will Help You Maximize your Marketing efforts: Imagine you talked to someone about TBC but at that time he's not ready to invest and you see him in some months time and he tells You he has finally invested. You ask him from who? He says something like "Oh, I couldn't find You when I finally had the Money to invest, so I invested with some guy who I met? I'm sure you can relate to this, you did the Marketing but the sale went to someone else. But if you had registered him for free on WittyXchange through your link, any day or month he goes to buy the TBC on the platform, the sale will still come to You.
  2. It's a Smarter Way of doing TBC Transactions: In these days of Trusted Sellers, most people will want to deal directly with a Trusted Seller. So You are going to be losing lots of Money if you don't use the WittyXchange system. Your prospects says to you, I'm interested but I'll rather buy from a Trusted Seller, you tell him, no problem, register on WittyXchange and you will be able to deal with only Trusted Sellers, even if You are not yet a Trusted Seller, the sale will go to a Trusted Seller and You will get a Commission.
  3. It's Makes You Look more Professional: The truth is that most people will not be comfortable to send Money to your account if they don't know you, they will prefer to deal with a brand. So after talking to your prospect about TBC and he says, so how do I invest and You say, Yeah just send the Money to my account and I'll transfer TBC to You, to most people, that's a red flag. But if you say, oh here's the link to register on the Partnership Site and buy your TBC, that sounds more professional, he thinks you really care about him and not interested in his Money, he doesn't know that the Money will still come back to you if you are a Trusted Seller and if you are not, you will get a commission out of the deal as against losing out completely.
  4. It provides a Passive Income for You: Imagine you wrote about TBC on Social Media and you dropped your WittyXchange link in the post and 5 people clicks on the link, registers on the platform and buys TBC, You just wake up one morning and You have made a sale. Either the sale comes to you if you are a Trusted Seller or you get a commission from the sell if you are not yet a Trusted Seller... that feeling is amazing.
  5. It provides Leverage for You: If you speak to someone about TBC without sharing your WittyXchange link, if some other person shares his WittyXchange link with that person much later and he registers on the platform, you have lost the sale or commission from that person because any day he finally decides to buy TBC, he'll most like buy it from the platform and it's the person who shared the WittyXchange link with him/her who will either get the sale if he's a Trusted Seller or a commission if he's not. Either way, he wins.

Are there Success Stories from this TBC Partnership Site?

We've had lots of success stories but this one best describes the feeling I was trying to explain, how you can just wake up to Money in your account that almost seem like FREE Money.

In his story, Igbaji Chinwendu describes how he woke up one night to ease himself, he decided to check his phone only to discover that he has just received a sale order from WittyXchange, he said the power on his mobile was on 5% but he was able to fulfill the order before his mobile went off. You can read his TBC Partnership Success Story as he tells it perfectly on his blog.

TBC Partnership Success Story WittyXchange

TBC Partnership Success Story WittyXchange

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