TBC Frequently Asked Questions

As You already know, TBC can protect You from the Next Global Financial Crises, it becomes your responsibility therefore to keep yourself up to date with the happenings in the TBC Community.

I do understand that things are happening just too fast these days in the TBC Community and keeping up is gradually becoming a task, so I decided to collate some of the TBC Frequently Asked Questions and provide answers to them.

These answers are provided in a Text and Video format. I want to encourage You to watch the Video, so you can be better positioned not just to understand TBC better but to also educate other investors and would-be investors.

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TBC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is unique about TBC?

TBC is an Abundance-Based Cryptocurrency with a Mission to End Global Poverty

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ATBC is an Abundance-Based Cryptocurrency with a Mission to End Global Poverty, most other Cryptocurrencies are Market-based meaning that it responds to the forces of demand and supply; that is, when the demand for them increases, the price will rise and vice versa.

But for TBC, its value is in the community growth and not on the coin.

The ultimate price of TBC is the Number of its Verified Members multiplied by 1 Euro, meaning that as the community continues to grow, so also does the value of TBC.

TBC must appreciate between 1%-5% daily and does not depreciate, the coin was programmed that way in order to create abundance for its holders through the power of Agreement.

Q: The price of TBC never depreciates and must appreciate between 1% - 5% daily. Who gave TBC the power to do that?

The Power of TBC is in the Agreement of the Community Members

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ALet me take You a little down the memory lane of Money.

Before 1973, Money was Money because at that time no Government or Bank had the right to print Money except it was backed by Gold meaning the Government needed to hold commensurate value of the Money to be printed in Gold before it could print.

But all that started to change in 1971 when President Richard Nixon of the United States introduced what was known as "The Nixon shock" which was a series of economic measures undertaken by him, the most significant of which was the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the United States dollar to gold.

By 1973, he had completely taken Money off the Gold standard. The moment he did that Money stopped being Money and became debt as Government, Central Banks & Commercial Banks through Fractional Reserve now had the power to print Money which effectively made Money a depreciating asset.

My question to You is this... Who gave him the power to do that?

The Government has power but they have chosen to use that power in such a way that it negatively affects our Economic and Financial well-being by turning Money to a depreciating asset.

But TBC decided that it will organize a Billion strong community and use the power to the advantage of the community by creating an appreciating asset, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?

Q: Why is TBC not listed on the Coin Market?

TBC is a Community-Based and not a Market-based coin

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A: The coin market is not a measure of the genuineness of a coin, the coin market is just a trade platform where market-based coins are bought and sold and that is that about it.

For instance, does the fact that a company is not listed on the Stock Exchange make it illegal?

Only market-based coins can be listed on the coin market but TBC can not be listed on the coin market because it's not market-based but community-based.

Q: Why can’t I immediately convert my TBC to Cash?

TBC is predominantly a Store of Value, we are yet to enter the Exchange phase

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A: There are 2 phases of TBC;

  1. Store of Value Phase: This is the wealth creation phase of TBC where the value is appreciating and creating wealth for every holder. The coin already doubled 28 times as at the time of this writing and we have 12 more doubles to go before we effectively enter into the next phase.
  2. Means of Exchange Phase: It is expected that we should have grown to a Billion people in the TBC Community by this time. With a Billion people in the world having a TBC wallet, that would make it a very powerful means of exchange platform.

In other words, we are not yet in the phase where TBC will become liquid, we are rather in the phase of building the community in order to give value to the coin and transform it into a means of exchange system.

That is not to say that people are not making Money from TBC right now or that You couldn't make Money from TBC right now as an investor, you could talk to someone about TBC and sell from your TBC to him/her, I have a blazing review of one of my proteges who used the WittyXchange platform which is a Global TBC Partnership System to make almost N200,000 in just a week of passive work.

Q: You talked about TBC being a Means of Exchange, but there are other alternatives, why do you think TBC will be the preferred choice?

TBC will have the power of 1 Billion community members backing it

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A: There are other Means of Exchange platforms like Paypal, Perfect Money, Payoneer, OkPay etc but none of them will have close to a Billion people using their service and don't forget that for TBC, it is not just the fact that there are a Billion people using its wallet, the growth was driven by these people, so they all have a vested interest to use it.

Q: Why has the Fiat Exchange not launched even after we crossed the 1 Million Members mark in TBC?

A: In the grand design, the TBC Economy has to have 1 Million Billionaires and 1 Billion Millionaires for the TBC Economy to be balanced.

We don't want a situation where only a small segment of the Economy controls a large chunk of the wealth, allowing that would have drifted us back to the workings of the Fiat System which we are running away from.

As soon as we have 10,000 people who want to be testers who would have referred 100 people each, then the process for testing the Fiat Exchange will start.

Q: What do I need to do to be among the 10,000 testers? And how do I get placed in the leadership Matrix.

A: Only 3 requirements are needed;

  1. You must have paid your $10 Kringle Cash Fee, this fee is mandatory for every coin holder.
  2. You must invest or must have invested in TBC (The minimum you should buy is $100, ideally you should invest more if you can).
  3. You must refer 100 people to receive a FREE kringle Cash offer (Remember, the value of the coin is based on our Membership)

Q: Why does it look like TBC has become a Network Marketing platform?

A: Refferal is not a must. Only those who want to be among the top 10,000 in the Leadership structure of TBC should meet these requirements, it's a priviledged position and they must earn it.

They will be the first to test the Fiat Exchange before it launches to the entire community. also Send Buttons will be activated based on your position in the Leadership Matrix.

Q: How do I become a TBC Billionaire?

A: There are 2 classes of Billionaires, I'm talking as regards to the Cookies rewards gift by the Admin which is intended to balance the TBC Economy.

  1. 10 TBC Billionaires: Those who have paid their $10 Kringles Cash Fee, invested in TBC and have gotten minimum of 100 confirmed referrals.
  2. 1 TBC Billionaires: Those who have paid their $10 Kringle Cash Fee and have invested a minimum of $100 in TBC.

Q: If I already invested at least $100 in TBC, do I need to pay again to be eligible for the Cookie Rewards Program?

A: If You already invested $100 or its equivalent, then you absolutely do not have to invest another $100.

Q: The testers & backup testers were originally asked to have at least 0.01 TBC in their wallet. Has this requirement changed? Is the testing open to everyone?

A: More or less, the TBC Admin is lenient on this requirement because at the time it was made 0.01tbc was within the reach of most people but same can not be said now. So You are encouraged to use your discretion to invest to be qualified but certainly not less than $100.

And Yes, the testers program is open to every member of the community now, this means that the 1st 10,000 people to meet all 3 requirements of a tester as stated above becomes a tester.

Q: My free kringles add up to more than $100 now, does this count toward the $100 minimum to be a tester or receive Cookie Rewards?

A: Not at all, your FREE Kringle gift from Admin does not count towards your investment, you need to show some commitment by investing your own Money before you can be qualified to become a TBC Billionaire.

Q: I bought my TBC/kringles a long time ago before the mention of trusted sellers. How do I know if my purchase would be considered as being from a trusted seller or not?

A: If You bought it at the current price when you bought it and not at a discount, then you are fine.

Q: How many testers do we currently have now?

A: As of this writing, we have about 5,000 people who have qualified as testers.

Q: My credit/debit card keeps getting declined. How do I pay the $10 fee now?

A: Your best bet will be to pay using bitcoin. Kindly watch the Video at the top of this page as I showed step by step how to make your Kringle Cash payment.

Q: Why does it take so long to get Support to answer my questions?

A: Support is catering for over a Million people now, this is why the Leadership Matrix is important as it creates a chain of command as every 10 persons will have 1 leader.

Q: How do we contact support to ask a question related to Kringle Cash payment?

A: There's a special way to contact support for Kringle Cash related paymentsKindly watch the Video above as I showed step by step how to do that.

Q: Why is the TBC Admin charging $10 Kringle Cash fee in bitcoin and not in TBC?

A: The TBC Admin is not able charge in TBC yet because we have not gotten to the phase of Means of Exchange, this means that TBC is not wildly accepted yet. The TBC Admin needs to pay overheads and Development Team and they all want to be paid in Bitcoin or Cash.

Keep in mind that at the beginning phase of bitcoin, the developers were not accepting payments in bitcoin but in Cash because it was not yet easily acceptable then, that is exactly the phase that TBC is at now.

Q: Where do I go to pay my $10 kringle cash back office fee?

A: Kindly watch the Video above as I showed step by step exactly how to do that.

Q: What is the best procedure to register new members since most people are not getting their Kringle Cash confirmation links?

A: Some people are complaining that they are not receiving the Kringle Cash confirmation email.

If You fall in this category, kindly take this 3 steps in the order they are listed;

  1. Register at TBC Site.
  2. Create a TBC Wallet with the same email you used to register on the TBC Site.
  3. Create a Kringle Cash Account, You can watch this Video for the Step by Step tutorial of how to Create a Kringle Cash Account.

Q: What if I don't receive a confirmation link when I sign up in kringle cash?

A: Send in a support ticket email to tickets@thebillioncoin.info. Include your Username, Email Address and simply title it "I Did Not Get A Confirmation Link for Kringle Cash". They will send a new link.

Don't forget to check your Spam/Junk folders and also do an email search for no-reply or kringle cash before submitting a support ticket.

Q: What is the status of the Send buttons? How many people have their Send Buttons Activated Now?

A: As of this writing, only 11 people have had their Send Buttons activated, that is The Voice of TBC and the 10 Leaders under him.

The send buttons will be activated progressively for the top 100 and then 1000 until all the Trusted Sellers would have been activated.

Q: Who is a trusted seller?

A: This is simply anyone who has paid his/her $10 Kringle Cash fee and have committed to honour our membership agreement which is to never sell TBC below the current price.

Q: I have prospects who want to invest in TBC, how can I sell to them now since my Send Button is not activated?

A: Don't let the fact that your Send Button has not been activated stop You from doing transactions.

All You need to do is to partner with one of the 11 Leaders who have had their Send Button activated, that means You can partner with me because I am one of the top 10 Leaders with an activated Send Button.

Partnership with me can be easily done through WittyXchange the Global TBC Partnership System, You can watch this WittyXchange tutorial Video to understand how the system works.

You remember the testimonial I shared of how one of my proteges used the WittyXchange TBC Partnership System to make almost N200,000 in one week. so Yes, people are already making Money via the System.

You can as well call the number on the header page during office hours or click on the "Message Us" button and send us your message.

If there are questions I didn't cover, kindly drop them in the comment section and I'll get to it.

Thanks for reading.

2 Video Resources to Help You Understand TBC Better

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