TBC Explained – The Dummy Style Way

My objective for this post is to get TBC Explained in such a dummy way that any body who can read will understand the concept of TBC.

Let me inform You that my explanation will be so basic because this post is intended to reach those who think cryptocurrency is too much of a complex subject to understand, so if You think you a need a more advanced explanation of TBC, You can check this detailed explanation of TBC, You can also see this post that explains how TBC can protect You from the Next Global Crises, You can also check the most up to date TBC Frequently Asked Questions or check out this complete TBC Guide for all You need to know about TBC.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us get into it...

What Exactly is TBC (THE BILLION COIN)?

TBC is an online Money that has been designed to Make You wealthy if we all work together to get this Online Money (coin) into the hands of more people.

In other words, the more people we tell about TBC and encourage them to have this Online Money, the more wealth we create for all the holders of this Online Money.

An Analogy to Explain TBC

Imagine that the Naira which is Nigeria's Money is only used in Lagos State out of the 36 States in Nigeria.

You understand that it will be less valuable compared to if it's being used in the entire 36 states of Nigeria.

Imagine we are both residents of Lagos and we own the Naira, but we are told that if we can tell more people outside of Lagos about the Naira and encourage them to own it, that You and I who are already holders of the Naira will become wealthy.

The reason for the wealth is simple; when more people use it, You and I will have more options of things to buy with the Naira, we would have more businesses to start up because more people are willing to accept the Naira as a Means of Exchange.

What is the Benefit for You and I, the old Investors?

Remember, we invested in the Naira while it was only usable in Lagos, that means we bought it really cheap because it wasn't wildly accepted yet.

The Motivation therefore for You and I is that if we help the Naira to gain popularity and acceptance by telling more people about it, the Naira will drastically appreciate as there would be more demand for it, making us the initial investors wealthy.

That's understood, right?

What is the Benefit for New Investors?

The new would-be investors we are talking to about the Naira would also want to know what is in it for them.

  1. They are also going to benefit from the wealth that the Naira will create because they also invested before the Naira got widespread popularity and acceptance.
  2. They are being gifted with some Naira to encourage them to become part of the Naira community in other to increase its user base and consequently its value.

What's the Benefit for Merchants?

Here's where it gets interesting...

First and foremost, the investors will want to use the Money because they are already wealthy by it and they helped to make it widespread and popular.

Also, don't forget that the investors are the merchants, there will be a high demand of the Money to be used as a Means of Exchange. Most merchants who are also investors will start accepting this Money because they know they also will be able to use it as a Means of Exchange.

Coming Back to TBC

If You understood the brief analogy I gave with the Naira, then You understand TBC, that's the basic idea behind TBC.

TBC creates wealth automatically for its investors/holders.

The thought of how do I exchange TBC is parochial and borne out of ignorance.

In the grand design of TBC, it is not to be exchanged to any other form of Money. TBC IS MONEY!!!

But we need to hold it till it gains widespread popularity and acceptance for the real value to be experienced.

There are ways to Make Money from TBC right now but be careful not to miss the real opportunity that TBC has provided for You by lack of Delayed Gratification.

What Should Be My Mindset Towards TBC?

Short Answer: Buy TBC and Hold it.

Long Answer: The same way we were taught to buy shares and hold, Invest in Retirement Savings and hold, Invest in Real Estate and hold, so also are we to invest in TBC and hold.

If You don't understand this principle and imbibe it, You will regret when You look back and see how much wealth You really wasted because of Ignorance but in your case it won't be ignorance because You are reading this, it will be more of stupidity - no insult intended.

What if TBC is Scam?

And what if TBC is not Scam?

You see, You will regret the opportunities You didn't take more than You will regret the opportunities you took but failed.

If it's Scam,it will be painful but if it's not Scam, it will be a thousand times more painful.

Everybody that have ever tasted Success knew both Risks and Failures...

Yours will not be an exception, If You are not ready to take risks, then Kiss Success good bye because every Success is wrapped up in Risks and possible failures.

That's why the Bible says "A Righteous Man Falleth Down Seven Times and Rises Up Again"

If You are really scared about investing, here's my advice to You, Invest an amount You can afford to lose but not to invest at all is a bigger risk.

The Story of a Man Who Lost out of Bitcoin

Permit me to share with You the story of Campbell Simpson who threw away his hard drive containing his Bitcoin wallet password because he thought Bitcoin was worthless, the same thought You may be harboring now.

The hard drive he threw away contained 1400 bitcoins which he bought for only $25 but guess what, at the current bitcoin price of $4395 today, that is a whooping $6,153,000 (Over $6 Million) thrown away.

How do You think he'll feel every time he remembers that, infact according to his own words, he said "I could have gone around the world or bought a Yacht".

How to Invest in TBC (The Billion Coin)

Here are the Step by Step procedure to invest;

  1. Register for Free on Kringle Cash to receive a FREE 25,000 Kringles (It's a FREE gift from the TBC Admin).
  2. Ideally, You should invest some Money in TBC, You can buy your TBC here.
  3. Read the TBC Blog for current updates.

Action Points;

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  2. If You have questions and feedback, kindly drop me a comment, I respond to all my comments.

Here's a Bonus Video for You.

How TBC Can protect You From the Next Global Financial Crises

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