TBC Discounting- What You Never Knew

If you are new to TBC, then you are very fortunate because you are about to learn something that the TBC Community takes very seriously and that is TBC DISCOUNTING.

In this post, you will learn the following things;

  1. What TBC Discounting really is.
  2. 3 reasons You should never discount or patronize TBC Discounters
  3. How to always know the current price of TBC
  4. How to protect your prospects from TBC Discounters
  5. The benefit that selling TBC through the Exchange has over selling through Peer to Peer
  6. How to create an account on the Exchange

If you prefer to watch this presentation in a video, I've got an 18mins short video that both teach and show you what to do, I highly recommend you watch the video below.

What is TBC Discounting?

This is the act of selling tbc below the daily current price.

All tbc investors agreed never to sell tbc below the current price before investing, a breech of this agreement will lead to your tbc wallet being suspended and this applies to both sellers and buyers.

3 Reasons You Should Never Discount or Patronize a TBC Discounter

  1. Your account will be suspended if you sell or buy at a discount. There are several ways tbc will know you are a discounter, you don't want to risk it by jeopardizing your financial future for an act of discounting; it's penny-wise, pound-foolish.
  2. Most tbc discounters are scammers, most don't even have tbc to sell or are not willing to give you value after receiving Money from you. I have a case of 2 people who paid N900,000 and N1,200,000 respectively to tbc discounters who never lived up to the expectation. They lost their Money and never got any tbc.
  3. There are tbc police and mystery shoppers whose responsibility is to track down these tbc discounters and suspend their accounts as well as the account of all the people who bought from them. If there are no buyers, there won't be sellers.

Integrity & Honesty are very expensive virtue, don't expect it from cheap people

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How to Know the Current Price of TBC

You need to always know the current price of TBC, so you are sure you are not selling or buying at a discount.

​Simply signin to your Wittyxchange account and click on "Buy TBC", then enter the amount you'd like to invest or sell and the right quantity of tbc or kringles will automatically populate.

How to Protect your Prospects from Discounters?

I've had reports of people who created awareness for tbc by educating their prospects but when it came to the point of buying tbc, they bought from a tbc discounter, this experience can be very painful.

But there's a way out of this...

Rather than sell tbc via peer to peer (i.e, sellling tbc directly to a buyer), direct them to Wittyxchange to buy from the exchange.

What You need to Note about the Exchange​

  1. It is impossible for your prospects to join the exchange without using your username.
  2. When your referral buys tbc from the exchange, the transaction will be routed to you, so the Money still comes to you.
  3. When you send your prospects to signup on the exchange, ensure you give them your username, without which, they won't be able to signup.
  4. This means you need to have signed up on the Exchange yourself, you can use dannish as your sponsor username.

The Benefits of Selling through the Exchange Vs Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer means selling directly to a buyer.

The problem is this, when you want to sell tbc at the current price to an individual, chances are very high that he/she will haggle/negotiate the price with you and if you insist on the current price, he/she may look out for discounters to patronize.

But when you refer him to the Exchange, he/she immediately knows that that is the current price as he/she can not negotiate or haggle with a system and even if he sees a discounter, he may be wary of him for wanting to sell that low - It's psychology.

So you will be able to close more deals selling through the Exchange than selling peer to peer.

Another benefit of selling through the Exchange is that when a referral who bought tbc from you wants to sell his tbc, you will get paid a commission - So you can actually Make Money without even selling your tbc.

How to Create an Account on the Exchange

Step 1: Go to https://wittyxchange.com

Step 2: Click on Signup

Step 3: Enter your sponsor username (ask your sponsor to give you their username, if you genuinely don't have a sponsor, then you can use dannish as your sponsor username)

Step 4: Fill the short form by entering your Username, Password and Email Address (Ensure you use an active email address).

Step 5: Login to your email address and click on the activation link you received from Wittyexchange.

Step 6: You can click on "BUY TBC" or "SELL TBC" to place your order

Note: Before you refer a buyer to buy from the exchange, ensure you have placed a sale order by clicking on SELL TBC, so that the buyer can buy from your order, if you have not placed a sale order, the system will not route the transaction to you.


You have a responsibility in helping to sanitize the TBC Community, so we can achieve our global vision even faster.

One Thing You Must do Now...

You need to share this post by clicking on any of the Social share buttons on this page, so we can spread awareness on why people must not patronize discounters, don't forget that when the entire community is aware, then you can get full value from the sale of your TBC and your prospects won't buy from discounters.

Also, feel free to engage with me in the comment section, I respond to all comments.

Dan Ewah

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