The Billion Coin (TBC) Cryptocurrency Webinar Recording

Every once in a while, something happens to disrupt whether positively or negatively the way we do things and sometimes, the way we want things to be done; that’s where The Billion Coin (TBC) comes in.

Whether You know it or not, like it or not, Cryptocurrency has come to stay as it’s the future of payment.

You will do yourself a lot of good to learn what it means and how it works, so You can better position yourself for this amazing success story that is changing the Financial Status of people faster than anything I’ve ever known.

So we had our inaugural Webinar (Online Seminar) on Sunday the 25th September, 2016 and it was explosive.

I understand that some people couldn’t just make it for the Webinar, so I decided to make the Webinar recording available here below.

For the records, we would be holding this Webinar every Sunday by 5pm till the last Sunday of November, 2016.

If You want to join in on the Webinars, kindly register here for it

And if you are not sure how to connect to the Webinar after registering, you can watch this video for a step by step guide

If You are not sure how to create your The Billion Coin (TBC) wallet, you can watch this step by step Video here

Whatever You do, ensure that you take action.

This opportunity came to me in 2009 but I didn’t take action and I’m still paying for my inaction today, don’t let what happened to me in 2009 to happen to You in 2016, You should be wiser than that.

Even if You do not invest now, You will invest later, that is how entrenched Cryptocurrency has become entrenched in our Financial life but You would missed your opportunity for Financial Freedom.

So I encourage You by all means to watch the Video below now

Dan Ewah

Dan Ewah fondly called "Dannish" by his buddies is the President of WittyGiants, an organization with the Vision of making wealth more accessible to more people by bringing Financial Freedom Opportunities to its community. Dan is so passionate about impacting lives and to see the stories of people change for the better; this passion is infectious and so far, hundreds of people are testimonies to this committed passion. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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