The One Thing Every Smart Investor Invests In

Those who know me well would think I'm about to say the One thing every smart investor invests in is Cryptocurrency.

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint You... lol

While I know that an Investment in Cryptocurrency is what every Smart Investor should be actively doing right now but it's not the one thing that every one of them invests in.

The Most Question I Get From Would-Be Smart Investors

Every now and again, I get people asking me what I think is the best investment they should make?

I've been inundated with this question that I decided to address it in a post, hence I'm writing this post.

The One Investment that Smart Investors Can't Do Without

Are You ready for it?

Smart Investors can't do without Investing in themselves - They keep investing in Financial Education.


It's not about looking for the Best Investment Opportunity, the real question is, Are You a Good Investor?

A Bad Investor will Make a Mess of the Best Investment

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Stop looking for good investments, rather invest in making yourself a  Good Investor; A Bad Investor will Make the Best Investment look very Bad.

Smart Investors invest their time before they invest their Money.

This is exactly why the Rich gets Richer, the Poor gets Poorer, and the Middle Class works Harder to make the Rich Richer.

3 Types of Education

  1. Academic Education
  2. Professional Education
  3. Financial Education

Academic Education is gotten within the 4 walls of a School - Most people have this.

Professional Education is gotten at Work - Many people have this.

Financial Education is gotten by Research & Study - Few people have this.

The Purpose of 2 of the 3 Types of Education

  • Academic Education is designed to make You a Job Seeker. That is why You will have a Lecturer teaching Business Administration who has never started a Business and another one teaching Banking & Finance who has never worked in the Bank, consulted for a Bank or own a Bank.
  • The Elites have perfectly made our Educational Institutions the Training School for their Future Employees.
  • Professional Education is designed to specialize You, so You can be better qualified to help the Rich Make Money, this is why most companies will send You to a Training School before You resume on the Job.

But Financial Education is never taught in School and this is One thing that Every Smart Investor Invests in and most people don't, which is why we have more people who are poor.

Some Financial Education For You

Never save Money

It is impossible to save Money, whatever Money You think You are Saving, You are actually losing it.

The reason is because Money is no longer Money, Money is DEBT.

Before 1973, no Government had the power to print Money except it is backed by Gold; In other words, if a Government wanted to print $1Billion in Paper Money, they must hold the equivalent in Gold, that was how Money operated when it was still Money.

But in 1973, President Richard Nixon of the United States took Money off the Gold Standard and Government assumed the Power to print Money without anything backing it, at that point, Money stopped being Money but Debt, a Depreciating Asset.

So when they teach us to save Money, they are not being honest with us, the same way You couldn't save water in the palm of your hands, that's the same way You couldn't save Money.

You don't Save Money, You Invest Money.

And You don't just invest Money, it must be invested in a portfolio that increases/appreciates above the Inflation Rate or You are simply losing Money.

Are You beginning to understand what I'm teaching?

So You couldn't put your Money in your Savings Account with an Interest of probably 3% per annum and think You are making a profit when Inflation Rate is over 16% depending on what country You are but Inflation Rate is usually higher than Interest Rate- Inflation Rate reduces the purchasing power of your Money.

Invest in Cryptocurrency

The Banking Institution has not always been in existence, I need You to understand this; just like the Government have not always had the power to print Money, these were inventions that started at a particular time just like Cryptocurrency is starting now and will take center-stage as we go along.

The earliest form of Money is Peer to Peer; that is, Trade by Barter.

That is, people had control over their Money and could exchange what they had for what they wanted.

Money went through an evolution of Precious Metals before Paper Money was introduced, which we all agreed was a better form of Money.

3 Characteristics of Money

When Money had just 3 characteristics, it was just fine but in 1973 when President Richard Nixon of the United States took Money off the Gold Standard, a 4th characteristic was added which changed Money forever.

  1. Store of Value: Meaning your Money is supposed to appreciate and create wealth for You even without investing it, this was the case when Money was still tied to the Gold Standard.
  2. Unit of Account: Meaning that Money is used to determine what unit or quantity of goods or value of a service to receive. So instead of exchanging a good for another goods/services, Money was used to determine the worth.
  3. Means of Exchange: Meaning that Money was acceptable in the Exchange of Goods and Services.

We were good until the 4th characteristics was introduced in 1973 which changed Money forever but unfortunately, most people are ignorant of this change.

             4. System of Control: This was never part of the characteristics of Money, it was introduced in 1973. What this means really is that You no longer owned the Money You have, the Government owns it and You are only holding it in trust.

That's why your account can be frozen, that's why they can tell You what your daily limit for transactions are, that's why they can tell You who and where not to send Money to because in effect, they are in charge but it was never that way.

Take the time to watch the Video below, so You can better understand what the System of Control characteristic of Money is all about. Remember, You are receiving the form of Education that most people don't have - Financial Education - so you've got to commit to finish this post and then watch the Video below.

What's the Way Forward?

Long Answer: Invest in TBC (The Billion Coin)

What is TBC (The Billion Coin)

It's the first abundance-based Cryptocurrency with a Mission to End Global Poverty. The strength of this Digital Currency is the community size; in other words, the more this community grows, the more valuable the coin becomes.

Therefore, TBC is on its way to become the most valuable coin in existence because while most other coins are Market-Based, TBC is community-Based, in other words the community who will be the users of the coin are the ones driving the value, so they have a vested interest in the coin.

I wrote a post I tiled "TBC Explained, the Dummy Style Way", I want You to take the time to read that post and take action.

What to Note About Smart Investors

They are investors they are not traders.

Smart Investors are willing to let time happen to their investment, they know that the longer they let their investment be, the wealthier they'll become.

Traders live for the short term, they are short-sighted, they live on the little profits of their investments and so remain little the most of their lives.

I had someone tell me he invested in Bitcoin in 2009 and I was shocked at the nerve he had to mention that to me, I think he should be ashamed to mention that.

You wonder why?

It is because this same guy that said he invested in Bitcoin in 2009 is still not wealthy; that is because he was never an Investor, he was a trader.

Do You know that a $1 investment in Bitcoin in 2009 would have given You 185 bitcoins?; At today's rate of $4200 for 1 Bitcoin that would have been a fortune of $777,000.

We are right now in the TBC Community where Bitcoin was in 2009; so If You missed out of Bitcoin, by all means don't miss out of TBC.

3 Action Points;

  1. Commit to study the post on TBC Cryptocurrency and take Action by Investing.
  2. Share this post on Social Media to create the much needed Awareness and Education.
  3. Drop your comments and feedback in the comment section, I respond to all comments.

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