How to Solve the Biggest Problem of Ignorance

You may ask, why should I write about Ignorance? This is because most people who are truly ignorant are not aware of their state of ignorance – It's one thing to be ignorant, it's yet another thing not to know that You are ignorant.

The Ignorant will not really read this kind of article, for they will not know this is applicable to them. But for You reading this article, it shows your willingness and readiness to be informed. And to be informed is to be transformed.

A new friend of mine from Atlanta Georgia, USA called me on phone in the middle of the night few days ago and said to me regrettably “Paul, I was so foolish not to have paid attention to details about The Billion Coin (TBC) the first time I heard about it. Someone actually told me about TBC in early January, 2017 and I actually had enough money to invest as at that time but I shunned it because I thought TBC was an investment of the Elites, and I didn’t bother to research it. According to my finding on TBC now, I could have afforded to buy at least 10 unit of TBC instead of the 0.0004 TBC that I just bought. You can see how foolish I was”.

Before we proceed it is pertinent to figure out what Ignorance is.

What is Ignorance?

According to Wikipedia, Ignorance is “a lack of knowledge, information or education” or “the state of being uninformed”.

Therefore, we are ignorant from birth. It is only as we go through life and learn about the world around us that we overcome that ignorance. Yet there are some things we remain ignorant about which becomes a debt – which has nothing to do with finances. But this debt can overwhelm You if action is not taken to pay off the price tag.

It is not what You do that produces results but the understanding behind what You do that actually produces results. Until You pay attention to details Your destiny will be detained.

To some people, every online business is a Scam. One begins to wonder if there is any business that could be done successfully in this age without being on the internet.

Unfortunately, these people are the biggest scam artist of their own lives, scamming themselves with mediocrity continually and repeatedly from all the opportunities that could have changed their lives.

What is the Cost of Ignorance?

Short Answer


What you don't know is bigger than you.

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What You don’t know is bigger than you and what is bigger than you will always keep you off from leveraging.

You keep turning your back on opportunities that could have changed your life positively because you know nothing about them and never bother to do your findings about them because You are knowledge-lazy

Until You open up to embrace certain Opportunities, success will not only be hard to come by but it will positively avoid you.

Aspects of Ignorance

Lack of Right Knowledge: Our society is saturated with ignorance. People think you must have money before you can impact lives and the society at large positively. It is the right knowledge you need and not money. It is what you give to the society that the society gives back to you. And you can’t give what you don’t have. Study to boost your resource in order to enhance your results.

Lack of self-recognition: You have a tremendous potential, and you are blessed with gifts. Yet, the one thing that holds you back from displaying your creative genius is some degree of lack of self- recognition, self-doubt and your own judgments about who you are. When you don’t know who you are, people will tell you what you are not. Until you accept that you are as smart as anyone else and just as capable of doing great things success may not be in view.

Effects of Ignorance

Being Myopic to Opportunities

Looking Down on Opportunities

Lacking Understanding

Failing to act quickly enough.

How Do I Overcome Ignorance?

The simple answer is Knowledge. The better way to understand how to overcome ignorance is probably to figure out what knowledge is.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the only remedy to ignorance. Knowledge is to ignorance what light is to darkness.

When you are committed to reading and searching of every issue of interest ignorance automatically and respectfully gives way. Knowledge does not struggle with ignorance.

Knowledge is worth more than wealth because it is the foundation for producing wealth.

You need more information to secure your golden future. Be desperate to learn. It is your opening up for learning that opens you up for earning.

Successful people are always craving for knowledge because that is the cheapest way to keep scaling new heights.

Learn, grow and open up to opportunities around you and in no time the sky will be your beginning.


Which opportunity should I embrace now?

Short Answer

Cryptocurrency-The Billion Coin (TBC)

Why should I invest in TBC and not other Cryptocurrencies?

Short Answer

TBC is the only cryptocurrency that is user-based while others are market-based.

TBC Summary

It's the first abundance-based Cryptocurrency with a Mission to End Poverty Globally. The value of TBC appreciates between 1-5% daily.

Most other Cryptocurrencies that are market-based fluctuate in price because they react to the forces of demand and supply. While TBC keeps appreciating daily.

The strength of this Digital Currency is the community size; in other words, the more this community grows, the more valuable the coin becomes.

Therefore, TBC is on its way to become the most valuable coin in existence because while most other coins are Market-Based, TBC is community-Based, in other words the community who will be the users of the coin are the ones driving the value, so they have a vested interest in the coin.

Get out of your comfort zone, take action and invest in TBC today to avoid financial slavery in the hand of the elites tomorrow.

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Knowledge is the indispensable requirement for success.

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Key Note

Knowledge is the indispensable requirement for success.

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