How to Confirm on the TBC Blockchain if a Trusted Seller has sent your TBC

The issue of How to Confirm on the TBC Blockchain if a Trusted Seller has sent your TBC is one that needed to be addressed especially as the TBC System is not yet working optimally.

A TBC Buyer needs a way to be sure that the TBC he paid for has been sent while a TBC Seller needs to be able to prove that he has indeed sent the TBC he was paid for.

The essence of this Video below therefore is to provide a solution to both the TBC Seller and Buyer which is to show a way of confirming the transaction on the TBC Blockchain.

Webinar Recording of our TBC Leadership Meeting on Testers Cash

We just had a Leadership Meeting where very important updates on TBC were discussed, it is highly recommended You watch the recording of that Meeting below.

Webinar Recording of our 2nd TBC Leadership Meeting

Also, If You have any question as regards TBC, chances are they have already been answered. I wrote a very detailed post on TBC Frequently Asked Questions, I think it comes handy right now.

If this whole TBC Investment is not yet clear to You, I wrote an article I titled TBC Explained the Dummy Style Way, You will find it extremely useful, also You can send it to people You'd like to brief about this amazing investment.

And ofcourse, If You'd like to be a TBC Partner with me, it's a welcome idea.

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