4 Ways to Reposition for Abundance

In talking about Abundance, it is important to know that Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass rather it is about learning to dance in the rain.

Often, I hear people make wishes and talk about luck without corresponding actions. It is important we understand the true definition of luck.

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

Preparation in the above means good positioning which is very essential to take advantage of any opportunity. Opportunities come our way everyday yet we miss them because we are not prepared or have not been positioned for such an opportunity.

Steps to Position for Abundance

  • Open-Mindedness: Most great opportunities will never present itself as one, you need to be sensitive to notice them as no one appreciates gold in its raw state. For instance, that You are into oil and gas doesn’t necessarily mean that You should be less concerned about what happens in the Real Estate Market. Now is the time to have a change of thought towards things around you. The opportunity You may have shunned probably has changed the lives of others.
  • Knowledge: People perish because they lack the required knowledge. If You conceive an idea or get to know about an opportunity, take a step to know more about it. You don’t just start what you know nothing about, your input determines your output. Take time to learn or re-learn if you have started already. No matter how promising an opportunity might be, there is a need to know if it has been done before, how it was done, how you can do it and how you will do it to succeed.
  •   Take Action: An object will remain in its state of rest until a force is applied. An idea, dream or knowledge remains abstract until the required action is taken. No success comes by accident as no accident is a success. Something need to be done to command the kind of result you want. Invest in that opportunity no matter how small, take advantage of it by doing something visible. One will always have regrets but the worst is the regret of a missed life changing opportunity.
  • Guide your investment: it is important to know that what you don’t nurture will not mature. Yes, you have taken a good step by investing in that business, that is not all. You must keep to date with your investment, know when to sell or when to re-invest. Many lose their investments due to negligence. You may have someone in charge, you need to follow-up your investment.

Who is this Post for?

This post has been written to two categories of people. Those who are currently in the zero level but dream of a better life and those who are doing fine but will like to do better.

Whichever category you fall, one thing is common, there is a desire for a better life. Poverty is a matter of choice, if you choose not to be poor you will find out how to avoid poverty. An investment in TBC will help you become financially free forever.

WHAT IS TBC (The Billion Coin)

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How to Invest in TBC

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The man who receives an opportunity but does not act on it is not different from the man who never received the opportunity.

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Ayodele Adekunle

Adekunle Ayodele Paul is the Operations Research Analyst at WittyGiants Limited. He advises management and other decision makers on the impacts of various courses of action to take in order to address a problem. He has a very good creative and managerial skill which has over the years helped him achieve tremendous success and undeniable impact in the organization.

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